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3 Amazing Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Skincare Experience


Now that the New Year is fast approaching, people all around the world are beginning to plan out their resolutions so that they can start off 2018 on the right foot. So, what’s one of the most popular themes for New Year’s resolutions? Goals that revolve around the link between outer beauty, inner health, and instilling of self-confidence. For women looking for a new beauty regimen to add to their skincare routine in order to begin the year with radiant, healthy, flawless looking skin that they can be proud of, facial cleansing grain treatments are a quick, simple way to improve your face’s overall moisture, smoothness, elasticity, and clarity.


Your All-In-One Face Grains Guide

Even though face grains have been gaining traction in the beauty community in recent years, many women are just now discovering them for the first time and therefore don’t know much about how to use cleansing grains. Fortunately, using face grains is easy as long as you know what to do, so we’re here to provide you with an extensive breakdown of how to use them along with 3 stellar tips and tricks for how to get the most out of your face grain skincare experience.


Start Fresh

Our first and most important tip to keep in mind when applying face grains is that you must begin your application process with a fresh, bare face. Although face grains are great for removing dead skin cells and refreshing the skin with ease, having your pores shielded and clogged with makeup products like foundation or concealer prior to applying your face grains could make it much more difficult for the grains to cleanse your face deeply.


Prepping Your Face Grain Paste

Now we’re ready to begin combining your face grain ingredients! To start off the process, begin by combining 1-2 tablespoons of your dry face grains (most are comprised of naturally nourishing ingredients like quinoa, nuts, oats, seeds, charcoal, and/or clay powder) into a small container or bowl. Next, add 1-2 tablespoons of a liquid skin product of your choice (we recommend honey, water, milk, yogurt, citrus juice, or your favorite skin cleanser!) into the bowl. Blend the bowl’s contents until they form a thin, evenly distributed paste. Our big tip for this step is to make sure that you have an equal ratio of grains to liquid. This will ensure that your face grain paste is able to form the perfect texture and consistency for application.


Picture Perfect Application

Now that we’ve briefed you on how to prepare your face grain paste, it’s time to tell you how to use it! Our third tip to keep in mind when using cleansing grains is that you are free to tailor your cleansing grain regimen to fit your specific skincare needs (for instance, face grain paste can be quickly applied and washed away in 2 minutes or less as a daily cleanser or can stay on your face for 20-30 minutes as a hydrating mask treatment if your skin is feeling dry). Start by rubbing your cleansing grain paste onto your face with clean fingers using small, circular motions. This will help scrub away dead skin cells and keep your face looking young and fresh once the grains are washed away. Make sure to avoid your eye area as you apply the paste. After the paste has been properly rubbed and scrubbed into your freshly cleansed skin, use a damp washcloth to wipe the paste away and pat your face dry with a clean towel. That’s it; now you’re ready to enter the world of face grains for yourself! Good luck!