How Maracuja Oil Will Revolutionize Your Beauty and Health Routine

Maracuja oil is an ingredient commonly found in high-end, expensive beauty care products. There are different types of Maracuja oils, the primary of which are derived from Passionflower plants and passion fruit seeds. In either case, the Maracuja oil is an excellent moisturizer, which is why you will find it in beauty health products. maracuja-passion-fruit

Maracuja oil was known to have been used by the Aztec civilization as well as tribes from the Amazon rainforest. In many cases, Maracuja oil was used more medicinally that for beauty during these ancient times.

How Maracuja Oil Benefits You

If you want to use Maracuja oil the way the Aztecs did, you will find it has plenty of medicinal aids in addition to beauty benefits. For example, Maracuja oil makes a great anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling. You will find that Maracuja oil is also an antioxidant that removes free radicals. This oil is anti-tussive, which means it can suppress coughing if taken orally. If you have an itch, you can apply Maracuja oil directly to the itchy area for relief. Finally, it can also be used to reduce asthma and bronchial spasms.

Outside of medical and beauty benefits, Maracuja oil also may be known to be therapeutic. Maracuja oil may have a substantial stress relieving and preventing effect as it also relieves anxiety. It also may help with insomnia by inducing sleep, but, that has not been proven with scientific studies.

Ultimately, though, Maracuja oil is a known emollient – which means it is an exceptional moisturizer for the skin. It heals dry, aged skin and locks in the moisture.