Maracuja Face Oil

  • This product is great for: All skin types

    Maracuja is known as the “pure miracle” because of its incredible skin benefits. Rich in vitamin C and essential fatty acids, maracuja oil helps to hydrate, brighten and improve the overall look and feel of skin for a smooth, glowing and healthy-looking complexion, no matter your skin type.

    Derived from passionflower plants and passion fruit seeds, Maracuja Multitasking Oil is great all-inclusive product that moisturizes and rejuvenates your skin. It was used by ancient civilizations and is continually used today for beauty and health. Add Maracuja Multitasking Oil to your creams and lotions or apply directly to your skin for best results.

  • Pure Maracuja Oil – Derived from the passion fruit plant, maracuja oil has long been used for its skin rejuvenating qualities. Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin C, maracuja oil revitalizes and brightens the look and feel of skin.

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