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So I just got this (Super Antioxidant Nourishing Face Oil) yesterday and used it before bed after washing my face! I'm so in love already! My skin feels so soft and hydrated. I love facial oils, and this one is definitely top notch!


I really love the Super Antioxidant Nourishing Face Oil, it's perfect for my sensitive skin. It smells really good and has a very light texture, so that the skin doesn't look oily. Besides it is very rich, so you don't have to use that much - a few drops and the face feels smooth and soft. I can definitely recommend this product and I'm looking forward to discover more products of this shop! Thanks a lot!!'


Fantastic!! Smells absolutely devine and goes on like a dream!! A lovely face oil for brightness and softening!! Plus, super fast shipping!! I will order again!! Purchased Detox & Brightening Night Treatment Face Oil.